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C. diff Support Forum

Welcome to our forum for sufferers of Clostridium difficile Colitis (also known as C. diff, Antibiotic Associated Diarrhea and A.A.D.). Learn more about what is C. diff, how you get C. diff, and how you can treat it effectively.


Our visitors actively post on our discussion boards and seek to support each other with useful information, medical referrals, feedback and encouragement.

You are not alone

This site was founded by sufferers of C. diff who are seeking to support others with the same symptoms and frustrations as you. This little-known illness which affects people around the world is becoming increasingly prevalent and effective treatments, such as vancomycin, are becoming increasingly cheap. We are also seeing other drugs and treatments entering the market.

Learn about C. diff from other sufferers

This site contains information on the little known illness that affects many people around the world. It aims to help people with Clostridium difficile understand how it is contracted, what C. diff treatments are available and to read case histories from other people with C. diff. We greatly appreciate the case histories from those of you who submitted them. A great deal of information on C. diff has been compiled to help people know what to expect and how to combat this disease.

We hope the information can be of some comfort and assistance to you.

IMPORTANT - please read This is not a website of medical advice. The Clostridium difficile information presented here is for information purposes only and should not be used for diagnosis, advice or treatment of any illness or disease. The Clostridium difficile Foundation is not an IRS or US registered non-profit organization (NPO) and donations are not tax deductible. Do not use any information from this site for treatment without first seeing a doctor. Some of the C. diff information here concerns alternative or experimental treatments and may not be safe for you without proper direction and knowledge of your doctor. This Clostridium difficile information reflects only people’s personal experiences and may not be relevant to your situation. The creator and contributors of this site are in no way giving this website information as treatment or suggestions for treatment of any illness. We highly recommend you see a licensed doctor and follow his/her treatment plans exactly. We are not responsible and cannot be held liable for any actions you take after reading information contained here.